Discover and Attract Awesome College Talent

Our technology identifies and sends you relevant, high quality college grads actively looking for jobs & internships that match your requirements

Wide Variety

Our database has tens of thousands of candidates from 400+ schools across all majors nationwide. We’re partnered with dozens of schools including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, San Diego State, Cal Poly & more.

High Quality

We carefully screen every candidate for quality. Our acceptance rate is 36%.

Most Relevant

Our matching algorithm identifies the most relevant candidates meeting your needs. On average 3 in 10 candidates presented are selected for interviews.

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Our Products and Services

      Talent Feeds      
CMU Digital Career Fair
(April 21 - 25) (Free)
  1. Specify types of students from Carnegie Mellon University you want to connect with.
  2. Use Referral Code "CMU-DCF" in signup form.
  3. The week of April 21 - 25 you will receive “feeds” of CMU students that match your needs delivered right to your inbox.
Custom Feeds
($500 - $5,000)
  1. Specify what schools, majors, skills, domains (Software Engineering, Quality Assurance..), background you’re looking for.
  2. Collegefeed identifies and sends high quality, most relevant candidates matching your needs.
  3. Collegefeed sends you candidate profiles via email.
Priced Upon Request
(First feed free)

    Create an Exceptional Brand    

Brand Pages
(Priced upon Request)
  1. Attract and engage the brightest students from 400+ colleges with beautiful, custom, mobile friendly brand pages.
  2. Run contests and challenges.
  3. Host virtual networking sessions and interact with students.
Priced Upon Request



Discover Awesome College Talent

Through our partnerships with 100s of schools nationwide Collegefeed brings you high quality candidates matching your specific needs - delivered straight to your inbox as and when they are found.

Quality and Relevance

Our algorithms and layered curation processes provide you the highest quality profile matches specific to your needs. On average, 3 out of 10 candidates we present get interviewed by our customers.

Works for Everyone

Extend your existing campus recruiting programs, or simply kickstart college recruiting by getting a collegefeed. Or if you are VC, set up a sustained high quality talent pipe for your portfolio.


Brand yourself effectively to millennials on campus

Through our partnerships with 100s of schools, and custom, engaging, mobile friendly brand pages, build a strong, differentiated brand with millennials. Run contests, hire ambassadors, do custom campaigns to promote your brand and attract the best talent. We understand how millennials think!

Dead simple to setup and use

Anyone (recruiters, hiring managers, engineers, accountants…) can sign up to get feeds of qualified students in their email. No learning necessary.

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